Tuesday, 3 May 2011


All of the bank holidays are finished with. I managed to get quite a lot done, regarding my collection, just about 300 more models to catalogue and then it will be done ! But with another 25 Schliech on the way and models arriving all the time, I don't think I'll ever be done.

So, Mojo. All serious model collectors should have heard about this brand by now. They'll soon be hitting the shops in various counties around the world, except for the UK !, and I can't wait !

Lookng at them, the sculptures are acurate, especially the Lion which has delighted collectors.

Farm animals - The usual animals that you would expect. Pigs, sheep, chickens etc but Mojo have gone that little bit extra and have different breeds of the animals. Such as the spotted pigs, a black faced sheep and Hereford cattle.
The Hanoverian horses look strong but elegant at the same time. I can imagine them set up in a dressage arena. I hope they are the same size as Schliech so hopefully the tack will fit.

Prehistoric world - Not a genre of model that I collect but these models certainly are tempting me !
I really like the look of the Stegosaurus with his dark green body and then the flashy colour of his plates. The Tylosaurus is not one that I have seen in model form the big brands, often.
The Wolly Mammoths is also one of my favourite. The calf looks adorable.

Natural world woodland - The White tailed deer stag certainly looks magestic with his large antlers and gorgeous coat. The coat colour of the wolves looks amazing ! Such a relalistic colour.
The rabbits are my favouite Mojo models ! Is that a surprise ! These two will 100% be joining my collection and I can't wait to buy them.
There's a few models of animals which everyone knows but not all the big brands have made them. Badger, Skunk and a Beaver are amongst the small furry creatures in the woodland catagory.

Natural world Wildlife - The majectic lion. I myself, am not a lover of big cats. I do have some in my collection but between the big cats and hoofed animals, the hoofed animals will always pull me in first.
It's nice to see a tiger cub lying down too, not the genetic playing or standing pose. It's nice to have a little variety :) As you would expect, there are both orange and white tigers. There are also the usual Giraffe, Elephant, Zebra and Kangaroo.
The Polar bears are another favourite. I have so many in my collection and I need to keep adding to it. I don't particulary love Polar bears, I've just seem to have amased a lot of them in a small amount of time.

There are also box sets which will have various animals so that each one has variety.

It's always hard to judge a model from a stock photo but if the models look like the pictures (which doesn't always happen, sadly) then Mojo will be a brand to watch !