Thursday, 30 December 2010

You clear a shelf and then models take it over

I hope everyone had a good Christmas.

I did :) Amongst the many models that I got, I also received socks for work (really thick ski socks), DVDs, chocolate, a Dremel (watch out models!!!!), a couple of books and a memory foam pillow (which is like sleeping on a cloud). I was also "gifted" two rabbits that my neighbour no longer wanted. Mollie and Mia live outside out they are great little rabbits.

My guinea pig, Monty, is a little unwell today. I'm hoping he feels better tomorrow or he'll be straight to the vets.

I have plenty of models to share and take pictures of. Lots of work ahead.

Have a happy new year everyone !

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Glad that last week is over

Last week was a bad week for me.

Being headbutted in the mouth, twice, resulted in a trip to the emergency dentist.
25th November is a bad day for me. 3 years since my beautiful rabbit, Millie, passed away and a year since my amazing friend, Mary, passed away. I'm glad that day is over and won't be here until next year.

Then I was suppose to be paid but work hasn't paid me yet, sent a cheque but it's too late for my rabbit's vaccinations.

I did have some good things happen. I got some new model horses and a present from my secret santa on a model horse forum. I can't wait to see what is inside :)

These are my newest models.

 Safari Mustang and Morgan mare painted by Chloe Redfern

And this is a Breyer Classic Morgan Mare Custom by Deb Brown.

 Snow has reached the UK and don't we know about it !
It was hard at work trying to clean the kennels, the hoses had frozen and the water that we put down, froze within minutes.
My little old guinea pig, Max, is feeling the cold this year. So they've all had extra hay to snuggle into and to keep warm.

Stay safe and enjoy the snow.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Just over a month to go

I can't believe that christmas is nearly here already !

I still have to buy presents for some of my family, buy presents for my secret santa partner on blab and get my rabbits vaccinated. Very expensive time of year !

I have managed to add a few models to my collection. Most of these were bought last month but Satchmo arrived yesterday. I also have a few more models on the way and a present from my secret santa, I can't wait to see what that will be :)

My newest Satchmo
 Cataloging my models has taken many days and nights. First I wrote all the information down and now I'm trying to photograph them. However, it is winter so daylight is limited and is not the best. I don't really like the yellow cast that the lightbulbs give off so I'm trying to photograph as many as possible at lunch time. But I've got my folder ready and templates so I can file them correctly.
I'm actually looking forward to getting them all filed.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

It's been a while

Work has kept me busy.

I started at the RSPCA on the 10th of October and I love it ! Still learning and making little mistakes but I'm getting use to it. I have to admit that I do miss seeing the rabbits first thing in the morning but I get to see them through out the day.

Milo still has the lump under his jaw. It's not got any worse nor has it got any better. For now we are leaving it as it is. To put him on more medication and more surgery will stress him. He's still his normal self so I'm happy with that.
I'm still selling some of my models though so that I can have a little vet fund in case he takes a turn for the worse.

A few days ago I reorganised my Breyer models. It took quite a few hours of arranging them around and re arranging them when I couldn't get certain ones to fit. They are now all in different positions so ones that were at the back are now at the front and it looks like I've got 2 cabinets of new models.

It's good to have a change around every now and then because you are always discovering new things about your models. Take my Schleich Norwegian Fjord for instance.

My original Norwegian Fjord without Dorsal Stripe
He was one of my first Schleich models 7 years ago. I bought him because I love Norwegian Fjords.
A few months ago I got another one, a newer version as it's paint work is very stark.
Well getting that second one made me want the Norwegian Fjord without the Dorsal stripe. Finding one on eBay took a little time and when I did find out, I was always outbid as they went for too much  money. So I decided to leave it for now and maybe try next year.

My newest Norwegian Fjord with Dorsal Strip 
 So organising my Schleich a couple of weeks ago, I noticed something. My original Norwegian Fjord is missing his dorsal stripe ! I never noticed that before ! I just couldn't figure out how I missed that.
So I've saved some money and filled another space in my collection, which was already filled lol.

Take care everyone and if I don't post sooner, have a happy and safe Hallowe'en.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Taking a step back

My little lad had surgery on Monday.
The vet could not find the cause of the lump. So we took him off the medication whilst he recovered and the lump went back to it's original size and then bigger.

So for the next few weeks, maybe even the rest of this year, I won't have any new models to talk about as I'll probably have to sell them.

I'd rather have Milo than my models, seeing him every day is priceless.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010


The word to explain how I feel and what this week has, mostly, been like.

Milo is still the same, we've been to the vets 3 times now and there hasn't been much improvement. We have to go back on Monday to see if, hopefully, it has decreased in size. It's certainly softer.

Before Milo's 2nd visit to the vet, I had a bid on an auction and won.
Now this auction I was very excited about. Going back about 3-4 years ago, I sold my AAA White tiger cubs and an adult, although not the adult to go with the cubs as he is far too small.
I have to admit that I regretted selling them as soon as the auction was over. But the buyer won them fair and square.

A few weeks ago I saw the walking white tiger cub for sale. I paid £4.20 for him which I'll admit, I didn't really want to pay as it's a bit more than what I would usually pay. But once he arrived I was happy and decided that I needed to try and find the other 3 and possibly the adult tiger that I had before.

Well it must be fate, as just a couple of weeks later the 3 tiger cubs and the adult came up for sale. Exactly the ones that I wanted !
I did bid up to £20, naughty I know, but I won them for £9 including postage :) so that's my splurge for now. No more buying until Milo is all better, except for a 1/12th stable which I have to pay for.

So once again in my collection, AAA white tiger cubs and adult.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

New stable !

Here is the stable I mentioned in an earlier post.

It's for 1/12th models so it's perfect for my Equorum models.

Two great friends, Sue and Lesley, offered it to me and I can't thank them enough. I had plans to make my own stables but what with a job, soon, and the cost of materials, it's better to get a stable and paint it to my specifications.
This one just needs doors, a new lick of paint and some little items here and there.
Thanks again ladies :)

The highs and lows

All within three days.

Saturday was great, I couldn't have asked for a better day. Agricultural show, models and sleep.

But Sunday was a low. Yet again my poor Milo has something wrong with him. I found a 5mm lump under his jaw. So I had to miss volunteering at the RSPCA so I could take him to the vets.
He's on Baytril and Metacam for 5 days and we have to go back on Thursday. I really hope that the lump decreases in size or he'll have to have surgery.
He doesn't look ill and he's still the same but it's still worrying. I've had a rabbit have the same but a smaller lump. She pulled through the surgery fine.

Here he is enjoying the weather on Sunday, he loves that tunnel !

On Monday I did managed to get a few pictures of my new models and I also won 4 on eBay. Can't wait till they arrive ! One of my goals complete :)

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Usk Agricultural Show

I had a brilliant time yesterday. So many gorgeous horses, that I took photos of, and so many other wonderful animals.
The rabbit tent was my favourite but I didn't take any pictures of them because rabbits can be quite nervy and I didn't want to upset them before they were judged.

I'll have to post some photos soon, there's plenty of them !

It was also my sister's 16th Birthday party yesterday. She had a paranormal night which I missed. I've had a raging cold for the last 5 days and by 8pm, I fell asleep watching Bonanza, my new favourite series :)
It could have been the fresh Welsh air or the cold but I slept until 2am and then finally woke at 9am.
Now I have to photograph some new models that came this week and also take a picture of the stable.

Take care

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

I got the job !

That's right :D
Went for the interview at 10am and at 2pm, they phoned and offered me the job. Got to get all the paper work sorted and such but the job is mine.

And more good news today, my rabbit and guinea pig are eating again ! I am so relieved about that.

And I got some Fimo clay to have a go at making some models.
Any suggestions on what my first model should be ?

Short and sweet today, enjoy the day !

Sunday, 5 September 2010

A very special arrival

Yesterday my model from Anna arrived !

It is so beautiful, I can't believe the work that has gone into it. The sad part is, he's been wrapped back up for christmas and I didn't get a chance to take a photo of it. I expect most people will know what I'm talking about but the others, you'll just have to wait ;)

Schleich collectors will have heard by now all about the 75th anniversary specials.
I haven't seen any of the planes for sale yet but I hope they will be available soon. I'll buy one, give the plane to my nephew (if I decide I don't like it) and then I'll keep the coupon :)
I'll have to try and get the book too. 

I'd also like to wish a very happy (belated) birthday wish to my friend, Helen. Hope you had a great day, Helen !

And I received some good news yesterday, I have an interview on Tuesday for the casual ACA position at the RSPCA :D Happy but extremely nervous.

I don't have much more to say today. Sundays are my day off and the rest of the week I'm either volunteering or looking after my own animals.
I did have a bit of a scare yesterday. My one rabbit, Maisy, didn't run up to the cage like she usually does. I put the food in and she just wasn't interested. When I came home she was back to her normal self, nearly bit my finger grabbing the food.

So for now, take care and happy collecting :)

Friday, 3 September 2010


It's finally happened. No more shelve room.

After picking the 3 models that I wanted, they filled up the space.
I will have 2 more shelves when the weather cools down because my Equorums can move back in my room.

And that's what my post is about today, the conditions that models are kept in.

Since I started with the Breyers, I've learnt how they need to be kept.

Out of direct sunlight, in a temperature controlled room and preferably, with enough space around them so they don't touch.

Equorums are a little bit more delicate. Being made of Latex, the temperatures that they are kept in need to be monitored.
In the summer, my room gets extremely hot, so they have to be moved downstairs to the front room which is lovely and cool in the Summer. In the winter, the come back in my room where the radiator is shut off. I'm that serious about keeping them in the best conditions, that if it is extremely cold, I'd rather have an extra blanket than put the heating on.
Equorums should also be kept in as dust free conditions as possible as dust will settle in their manes and tails. Trust me, it's a pain to try and keep straight.

With my Schleich and similar brand, I'm a little less strict. Being made of hard plastic, they don't melt easily and hot air doesn't build up inside of them like a Breyer. I find their paint work to be more durable too so touching each other is not so much of a problem.

I also like my models to be on display for my family to see and any guests.
My Breyer are in the main living room in glass cabinets so anyone coming into that room can easily see them. The Equorums are kept in my room most of the year as they are extra special to me and my nephews seem more attracted to them !
My Schleich and similar brands are kept in the front room which doubles up as my mum's bedroom. So only a select few people get to see those models. It's a shame that they are in that room but there is no more room in the living room and I'm paranoid that my nephew's will take them off the shelves and play with them. I guess that's my fault as I got my oldest nephew, Charlie, a wooden farm set for christmas and a few Schleich animals. He always wants to play with "Rio's" models.

Not a long post today as my half day volunteering was tiring and I also have a full day volunteering at the RSPCA. I really look forward to it but it's an early start !

Take care, readers.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Horses, Warthogs and a Mountain Goat ?

That's right, my models for christmas have arrived.

One parcel came yesterday and the other came today. My wooden stable also arrived yesterday but that'll be another post.

I'm really impressed with the Breyer Stablemates, especially the colour of the dressage horse.
I'll open them later to check for any damage, the worst part about Breyers is always getting a rubbed model.

I also got some Papo and Schleich horses. I'm really glad that I ordered the Papo horses especially the Frisians. There's just one more Papo foal to join the horde as I was sent two of the same. The Ardennes mare is darker from her stock photo but still very pretty. The Schleich Warthogs and a Safari Mountain goat were also in the parcel.

As I went over the budget, by £10, I get to pick 2-3 models that I bought. 

I'm really looking forward to christmas now !

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

A new day, a new model and a surprise visitor

8:00am and I awoke to a little parcel outside my bedroom door. I knew what was in the box as I have only purchased one model in the last week.
I opened the box, pulled out my model and a whiff of soap filled my nose.

So I am pleased to show you my new model, smelling a little of soap, AAA White Poodle.

Isn't she sweet ?

I was outside taking photos of her with my rabbit, Midge, running around the garden.
After a few minutes, I heard Midge making a grunting noise. So I turned around to find her shaking her head. As I got closer, I could see something dark on her head. I put my hand closer and this "thing" jumped and landed with a audible thud on my nephew's plastic paddling pool.

 This is what had upset Midge.

This is the first grasshopper I have ever seen close up ! So I got a few pictures of it. Only taken on a camera with a small zoom so the pictures aren't great.

Don't you love surprises ?

I do !

A surprise can come in many shapes and forms. It could be meeting up with a friend by accident, you may have won a competition or a surprise could even be a hug.

Talking model animal surprises, there are so many !
It could be a new model coming out, getting a model for a lot cheaper than you thought, getting an extra model as a gift of a seller or even getting a model that was different than expected.

That happened with me a few weeks ago on eBay. I bid on a Tiger model with the Description " AAA Model, great for kids".

No mention of condition and the photo was a little dark. But being only £2, I decided to have a bid. A few days later and I was the only bidder.

A few days later, the door knocked and a parcel was handed to me. I racked my brains but couldn't think of what model it could be.

I opened the box and inside was this.
My tiger but bigger than expected !

The smaller tiger is just a few cms taller than the Schleich one so he really was a surprise !

He's got a few rubs but for £4.50, I'm not complaining :D

Sunday, 29 August 2010

The C Word

No, not that C word !


That's right, I said it. Christmas is just 118 days away !
Is it just me or does that seem too quick ? Where has the year gone ?

It only became apparent to me when my mum asked me this morning what I wanted for christmas. Well, I'm sure you can guess the answer I gave ;)

In fact, my mum has already bought me a few models for christmas, without my knowledge, but today decided to tell me to make sure that she had not bought me models which I already have (she didn't).

So in a few days time, I'll have some Schleich, Safari and Papo models on their way along with the new Breyer stablemates.

So, have you decided what models you want for christmas this year ? Do you buy them yourself ? Give a list to a family member ? Or direct them to a website ?

I have to buy my own because my mum thinks they all look the same, lol.
Even though I know what models I'm receiving, I can't wait to open them on christmas morning.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Lazy day

Today didn't go to plan.

I was suppose to go to a Agricultural show which I was very much looking forward to. But it was raining all day yesterday and this morning so we didn't go. There is another in a few weeks time.

So for the rest of the day I have blogging and trying to sort out my collection. I haven't been very successful yet as I can't seem to find my notes or information.

And now my rabbit, Milo, has started to sneeze again. Poor little thing has been on medication, which seemed to clear it up. I'll just have to keep a close eye on him. He is my handsome little lad who is in amazing shape, very muscly !


The Equorum Model Horse Stud was created in 2008.

Equorums are movable models that are made of Latex. Their mane and tails are made of raw silk. Their legs, neck and Dock are movable. Each model is unique and is made to the customer's specifications.
Each model is collectible and should be treated as such as they can be delicate and are one of the more expensive models available to buy. 

My collection may only be small 24 ponies, 2 dogs and a cat, but they are all special to me.

My favourite Equorum is a Dapple Grey Connemara Stallion called Uylsses. I bought him already made.

One model that is very special to me is my Chestnut Skewbald Show Hunter Pony Mare, Rowan. She is a portrait of a horse that I met at a agricultural show.

And all made by one amazing person who I am very proud to call my friend. Helen Moore.


When you collect something as diverse as model animals, you come across a lot of different brands. Some you'll love, some you'll like and others you may not like. There's usually a brand to suit everyone's taste.

I collect different brands. To some people they may not be the best but I love them for what they are.

AAA, Breyer, Bullyland, CollectA, ELC, Equorum, Papo, Safari and Schleich. I also collect animals that just have Made in China stamped on them.

The best way to find out which brand you like best is to look at websites dedicated either to the brand or to model animals. You could also buy a few models and see what they are like but do not be deceived by the picture.

The stock photos of many brands, actually turned out to be different from the actual models. Some may be a different colour, pattern or finish.

My next few posts will be about the different brands I collect and a few examples of their models. Some of these brands are still available where as other may no longer be in production.

Why collect model animals ?

To some people, collecting comes naturally. They see an item, love it and want the rest of the line or similar to it.

I have always loved animals. We had a dog, then goldfish, a few hamsters and now the rabbits and guinea pigs. I've gone to college and got my Distinction  National Diploma in Animal Management, my NVQ level 1 in Small animal care and now I'm volunteering at the RSPCA (an animal rescue centre). My dream is to become a Veterinary Nurse and that may come true in the future. So animals was a no brainer for me.

Me, I've always been a collector. My first model animals I got when I was young. I played with them over the years and then put them away.

When I was about 10, I started collecting TY Beanies. I amassed around 600 of them and then grew bored of them. They just didn't bring me any joy any more. I'd get a new one, be grateful for it, spend time cataloging it and then add it to the shelf with the rest. That was it. I didn't play with them, didn't display them in imaginative ways, they just sat on the shelf in my bedroom.

Fast forward to 2007 when I discovered Breyer horses. I love horses so for me, it was easy to collect them. I wasn't picky which one I wanted, just wanted them all in good condition. And that's where the problem lay. I can't have them all, I'll never have them all and to think that was silly. There are thousands of Breyers. some are One of a Kind and others are just extremely limited. I still collect them but my mind set has changed.

2009 I came across Equorums. These cute models are made of Latex and have silk manes and tails. Each one is hand poured, painted and haired by one amazing person who I am very proud to call my friend.
With Equorums, you can't have them all because they are all unique. No two are the same.
You actually choose what breed you want and what colour ! So many doors opened because I could now pick what I wanted.
They can be pricey but when you get one in your hands and see the detail in everyone, it's well worth it !

Early 2010 and I started collecting model animals again. I had a few Schleich from my younger days, just a couple of cows and a rabbit or two, but now the collecting bug came back.

Some collectors want every last one of the brand. Others just collect their favourite animal. I tend to collect what I like and that is the most important thing when collecting something.
Collect what you like
Don't go crazy or bankrupt trying to get every last one because you may never achieve that goal. Some people have and I applaud them but some serious hard work and money went into that, it wasn't handed to them on a plate.

You have to be realistic. If you're torn between paying the bills and having a model which you really like, you have to take a step back and think. If you buy the model but don't pay the rent, then you and your models will have no where to live.
Collecting should be fun, not a chore.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Let's start with my collection

Before I start wittering about models, I thought I'd show you my collection, minus my Equorums as I can't find a picture.

It's not massive by certain standards but I'm happy with it. It tends to grow rapidly !

 These are my Breyer models with a few Schleich models on top. They have now been moved to a shelf of their own.


 My Horse and pony models. They can't all be seen as there are too many !

 My wild and zoo animals, well most of them.

 My farm animals, British wild life and a few other animals.

So that's my collection. A few more models have been added since these pictures were taken, about 10 days ago, so there will be more to post soon !

Seeing as it's my first post

I should introduce myself.

My name is Rhiannon (although I prefer Rio), I'm 19 and live in South Wales, UK.

I live with my family and my animals. I have 6 rabbits, 2 guinea pigs and 2 goldfish. My animals mean everything to me and I'll never be without one.

I started seriously collecting models about 3 years ago. I started with Breyer model horses, as I love horses, and then moved on to Equorum horses. In the past few months, my love for model animals was rekindled and so I started buying them.

I had many model animals when I was younger but sold most of them when I was 14. What a mistake that was !
But thanks to the internet, I've been able to reacquire these models, including a few more.

The brands that I collect are

Breyer, Equorum, Schleich, Safari, Bullyland, Papo, CollectA, AAA, ELC and a few models of various brands.

My goal with this blog is to provide an in site into my collection and what we collectors get out of our models.

So, read on to find out what really is inside the mind of this model animal collector