Sunday, 7 August 2011

A whole herd on the way

That's right. I'm expecting quite a few models to be arriving soon.
Some Breyer stablemates, Schleich and Papo. Not to mention some Horse dvds, Veterinary books and some other items. I had a little splurge on eBay and some other model collecting sites.

So there will be plenty of new models to take pictures of, to catalog and to share with my fellow model collectors.

I have had a few models arrive already. They are the Wild Republic (K&M) Arctic animals set and the Penguin set. I'm really glad that I decided to bite the bullet and buy the Penguins. The only review I could find of them said they were more suited to a pound shop.
Ok they are hollow and have visible seams but for £4.95, I'm not complaining. I really like them and it adds a few more penguins to my collection, a few that I have not seen made by another company.

I've had a few new Schleich models too. I picked these up at my nearest ELC.
This little cutie is the 2011 Schleich Moose Calf. She was the only one they had for sale and I had to pick her up. I also brought home the Schleich Hippo. A little more than what I would usually pay but I really liked his shading.

A couple of days later, I also picked up some more Schleich. This time it was the Schleich Lion, Grizzly bear and a squirrel. I already had the squirrel but this one was made in China and a different colour from the one I already had. Again he was the last one so he had to join my collection.

So plenty more models to catalog and update my collection on CQ. I have neglected my collection on that site but I am hoping to update it some time this week.

Happy collecting