Tuesday, 21 September 2010


The word to explain how I feel and what this week has, mostly, been like.

Milo is still the same, we've been to the vets 3 times now and there hasn't been much improvement. We have to go back on Monday to see if, hopefully, it has decreased in size. It's certainly softer.

Before Milo's 2nd visit to the vet, I had a bid on an auction and won.
Now this auction I was very excited about. Going back about 3-4 years ago, I sold my AAA White tiger cubs and an adult, although not the adult to go with the cubs as he is far too small.
I have to admit that I regretted selling them as soon as the auction was over. But the buyer won them fair and square.

A few weeks ago I saw the walking white tiger cub for sale. I paid £4.20 for him which I'll admit, I didn't really want to pay as it's a bit more than what I would usually pay. But once he arrived I was happy and decided that I needed to try and find the other 3 and possibly the adult tiger that I had before.

Well it must be fate, as just a couple of weeks later the 3 tiger cubs and the adult came up for sale. Exactly the ones that I wanted !
I did bid up to £20, naughty I know, but I won them for £9 including postage :) so that's my splurge for now. No more buying until Milo is all better, except for a 1/12th stable which I have to pay for.

So once again in my collection, AAA white tiger cubs and adult.

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