Friday, 3 September 2010


It's finally happened. No more shelve room.

After picking the 3 models that I wanted, they filled up the space.
I will have 2 more shelves when the weather cools down because my Equorums can move back in my room.

And that's what my post is about today, the conditions that models are kept in.

Since I started with the Breyers, I've learnt how they need to be kept.

Out of direct sunlight, in a temperature controlled room and preferably, with enough space around them so they don't touch.

Equorums are a little bit more delicate. Being made of Latex, the temperatures that they are kept in need to be monitored.
In the summer, my room gets extremely hot, so they have to be moved downstairs to the front room which is lovely and cool in the Summer. In the winter, the come back in my room where the radiator is shut off. I'm that serious about keeping them in the best conditions, that if it is extremely cold, I'd rather have an extra blanket than put the heating on.
Equorums should also be kept in as dust free conditions as possible as dust will settle in their manes and tails. Trust me, it's a pain to try and keep straight.

With my Schleich and similar brand, I'm a little less strict. Being made of hard plastic, they don't melt easily and hot air doesn't build up inside of them like a Breyer. I find their paint work to be more durable too so touching each other is not so much of a problem.

I also like my models to be on display for my family to see and any guests.
My Breyer are in the main living room in glass cabinets so anyone coming into that room can easily see them. The Equorums are kept in my room most of the year as they are extra special to me and my nephews seem more attracted to them !
My Schleich and similar brands are kept in the front room which doubles up as my mum's bedroom. So only a select few people get to see those models. It's a shame that they are in that room but there is no more room in the living room and I'm paranoid that my nephew's will take them off the shelves and play with them. I guess that's my fault as I got my oldest nephew, Charlie, a wooden farm set for christmas and a few Schleich animals. He always wants to play with "Rio's" models.

Not a long post today as my half day volunteering was tiring and I also have a full day volunteering at the RSPCA. I really look forward to it but it's an early start !

Take care, readers.

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