Sunday, 5 September 2010

A very special arrival

Yesterday my model from Anna arrived !

It is so beautiful, I can't believe the work that has gone into it. The sad part is, he's been wrapped back up for christmas and I didn't get a chance to take a photo of it. I expect most people will know what I'm talking about but the others, you'll just have to wait ;)

Schleich collectors will have heard by now all about the 75th anniversary specials.
I haven't seen any of the planes for sale yet but I hope they will be available soon. I'll buy one, give the plane to my nephew (if I decide I don't like it) and then I'll keep the coupon :)
I'll have to try and get the book too. 

I'd also like to wish a very happy (belated) birthday wish to my friend, Helen. Hope you had a great day, Helen !

And I received some good news yesterday, I have an interview on Tuesday for the casual ACA position at the RSPCA :D Happy but extremely nervous.

I don't have much more to say today. Sundays are my day off and the rest of the week I'm either volunteering or looking after my own animals.
I did have a bit of a scare yesterday. My one rabbit, Maisy, didn't run up to the cage like she usually does. I put the food in and she just wasn't interested. When I came home she was back to her normal self, nearly bit my finger grabbing the food.

So for now, take care and happy collecting :)

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