Thursday, 2 September 2010

Horses, Warthogs and a Mountain Goat ?

That's right, my models for christmas have arrived.

One parcel came yesterday and the other came today. My wooden stable also arrived yesterday but that'll be another post.

I'm really impressed with the Breyer Stablemates, especially the colour of the dressage horse.
I'll open them later to check for any damage, the worst part about Breyers is always getting a rubbed model.

I also got some Papo and Schleich horses. I'm really glad that I ordered the Papo horses especially the Frisians. There's just one more Papo foal to join the horde as I was sent two of the same. The Ardennes mare is darker from her stock photo but still very pretty. The Schleich Warthogs and a Safari Mountain goat were also in the parcel.

As I went over the budget, by £10, I get to pick 2-3 models that I bought. 

I'm really looking forward to christmas now !

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