Tuesday, 31 August 2010

A new day, a new model and a surprise visitor

8:00am and I awoke to a little parcel outside my bedroom door. I knew what was in the box as I have only purchased one model in the last week.
I opened the box, pulled out my model and a whiff of soap filled my nose.

So I am pleased to show you my new model, smelling a little of soap, AAA White Poodle.

Isn't she sweet ?

I was outside taking photos of her with my rabbit, Midge, running around the garden.
After a few minutes, I heard Midge making a grunting noise. So I turned around to find her shaking her head. As I got closer, I could see something dark on her head. I put my hand closer and this "thing" jumped and landed with a audible thud on my nephew's plastic paddling pool.

 This is what had upset Midge.

This is the first grasshopper I have ever seen close up ! So I got a few pictures of it. Only taken on a camera with a small zoom so the pictures aren't great.

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