Thursday, 26 August 2010

Why collect model animals ?

To some people, collecting comes naturally. They see an item, love it and want the rest of the line or similar to it.

I have always loved animals. We had a dog, then goldfish, a few hamsters and now the rabbits and guinea pigs. I've gone to college and got my Distinction  National Diploma in Animal Management, my NVQ level 1 in Small animal care and now I'm volunteering at the RSPCA (an animal rescue centre). My dream is to become a Veterinary Nurse and that may come true in the future. So animals was a no brainer for me.

Me, I've always been a collector. My first model animals I got when I was young. I played with them over the years and then put them away.

When I was about 10, I started collecting TY Beanies. I amassed around 600 of them and then grew bored of them. They just didn't bring me any joy any more. I'd get a new one, be grateful for it, spend time cataloging it and then add it to the shelf with the rest. That was it. I didn't play with them, didn't display them in imaginative ways, they just sat on the shelf in my bedroom.

Fast forward to 2007 when I discovered Breyer horses. I love horses so for me, it was easy to collect them. I wasn't picky which one I wanted, just wanted them all in good condition. And that's where the problem lay. I can't have them all, I'll never have them all and to think that was silly. There are thousands of Breyers. some are One of a Kind and others are just extremely limited. I still collect them but my mind set has changed.

2009 I came across Equorums. These cute models are made of Latex and have silk manes and tails. Each one is hand poured, painted and haired by one amazing person who I am very proud to call my friend.
With Equorums, you can't have them all because they are all unique. No two are the same.
You actually choose what breed you want and what colour ! So many doors opened because I could now pick what I wanted.
They can be pricey but when you get one in your hands and see the detail in everyone, it's well worth it !

Early 2010 and I started collecting model animals again. I had a few Schleich from my younger days, just a couple of cows and a rabbit or two, but now the collecting bug came back.

Some collectors want every last one of the brand. Others just collect their favourite animal. I tend to collect what I like and that is the most important thing when collecting something.
Collect what you like
Don't go crazy or bankrupt trying to get every last one because you may never achieve that goal. Some people have and I applaud them but some serious hard work and money went into that, it wasn't handed to them on a plate.

You have to be realistic. If you're torn between paying the bills and having a model which you really like, you have to take a step back and think. If you buy the model but don't pay the rent, then you and your models will have no where to live.
Collecting should be fun, not a chore.

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