Sunday, 29 August 2010

The C Word

No, not that C word !


That's right, I said it. Christmas is just 118 days away !
Is it just me or does that seem too quick ? Where has the year gone ?

It only became apparent to me when my mum asked me this morning what I wanted for christmas. Well, I'm sure you can guess the answer I gave ;)

In fact, my mum has already bought me a few models for christmas, without my knowledge, but today decided to tell me to make sure that she had not bought me models which I already have (she didn't).

So in a few days time, I'll have some Schleich, Safari and Papo models on their way along with the new Breyer stablemates.

So, have you decided what models you want for christmas this year ? Do you buy them yourself ? Give a list to a family member ? Or direct them to a website ?

I have to buy my own because my mum thinks they all look the same, lol.
Even though I know what models I'm receiving, I can't wait to open them on christmas morning.

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