Thursday, 26 August 2010


The Equorum Model Horse Stud was created in 2008.

Equorums are movable models that are made of Latex. Their mane and tails are made of raw silk. Their legs, neck and Dock are movable. Each model is unique and is made to the customer's specifications.
Each model is collectible and should be treated as such as they can be delicate and are one of the more expensive models available to buy. 

My collection may only be small 24 ponies, 2 dogs and a cat, but they are all special to me.

My favourite Equorum is a Dapple Grey Connemara Stallion called Uylsses. I bought him already made.

One model that is very special to me is my Chestnut Skewbald Show Hunter Pony Mare, Rowan. She is a portrait of a horse that I met at a agricultural show.

And all made by one amazing person who I am very proud to call my friend. Helen Moore.

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