Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Glad that last week is over

Last week was a bad week for me.

Being headbutted in the mouth, twice, resulted in a trip to the emergency dentist.
25th November is a bad day for me. 3 years since my beautiful rabbit, Millie, passed away and a year since my amazing friend, Mary, passed away. I'm glad that day is over and won't be here until next year.

Then I was suppose to be paid but work hasn't paid me yet, sent a cheque but it's too late for my rabbit's vaccinations.

I did have some good things happen. I got some new model horses and a present from my secret santa on a model horse forum. I can't wait to see what is inside :)

These are my newest models.

 Safari Mustang and Morgan mare painted by Chloe Redfern

And this is a Breyer Classic Morgan Mare Custom by Deb Brown.

 Snow has reached the UK and don't we know about it !
It was hard at work trying to clean the kennels, the hoses had frozen and the water that we put down, froze within minutes.
My little old guinea pig, Max, is feeling the cold this year. So they've all had extra hay to snuggle into and to keep warm.

Stay safe and enjoy the snow.

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