Tuesday, 26 October 2010

It's been a while

Work has kept me busy.

I started at the RSPCA on the 10th of October and I love it ! Still learning and making little mistakes but I'm getting use to it. I have to admit that I do miss seeing the rabbits first thing in the morning but I get to see them through out the day.

Milo still has the lump under his jaw. It's not got any worse nor has it got any better. For now we are leaving it as it is. To put him on more medication and more surgery will stress him. He's still his normal self so I'm happy with that.
I'm still selling some of my models though so that I can have a little vet fund in case he takes a turn for the worse.

A few days ago I reorganised my Breyer models. It took quite a few hours of arranging them around and re arranging them when I couldn't get certain ones to fit. They are now all in different positions so ones that were at the back are now at the front and it looks like I've got 2 cabinets of new models.

It's good to have a change around every now and then because you are always discovering new things about your models. Take my Schleich Norwegian Fjord for instance.

My original Norwegian Fjord without Dorsal Stripe
He was one of my first Schleich models 7 years ago. I bought him because I love Norwegian Fjords.
A few months ago I got another one, a newer version as it's paint work is very stark.
Well getting that second one made me want the Norwegian Fjord without the Dorsal stripe. Finding one on eBay took a little time and when I did find out, I was always outbid as they went for too much  money. So I decided to leave it for now and maybe try next year.

My newest Norwegian Fjord with Dorsal Strip 
 So organising my Schleich a couple of weeks ago, I noticed something. My original Norwegian Fjord is missing his dorsal stripe ! I never noticed that before ! I just couldn't figure out how I missed that.
So I've saved some money and filled another space in my collection, which was already filled lol.

Take care everyone and if I don't post sooner, have a happy and safe Hallowe'en.

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  1. Hello Rio, good to see you're posting again. I missed you on the forum. I'm glad you're enjoying your job, it sounds great.
    Congratulations on your new Fjord! I looked for one of those for a while, but they were quite rare to see on eBay and pricy when they did come on. Maybe one day I will buy one. Right now I'm saving for 2011's:o)