Sunday, 13 February 2011

And I said I wouldn't get that obsessed

It's happened. The whole made in China, made in Germany or Made in Portugal option.

I said I wouldn't get that obsessed because the models look the same and with online shopping, you can't really tell which one you are getting unless you ask the seller, not all are willing to be that helpful.

However, on Saturday I went into town and straight to ELC. As I suspected no new 2011 models, just what they had last time, but I was able to pick up a really nice Arctic Fox female.
I was happy with my choice but my mum thought it was a waste of time just getting one model, so she offered to buy me one. Well how can I say no !

It was actually a lot harder than I thought. Which to choose ? Should I try and get the last horse I need from 2010 ? Another 2011 model ? How about one of the cows that I've been saying I'll get next time.

It was none of those, in fact it was the Rooster. What drew me towards this Rooster was his colour. He is just so vibrate compared to the others on the shelf. After a closer look, I saw that the vibrant one is a "Made in China" and the duller coloured one is "Made in Germany" The China one has made it's way into my collection but next Saturday I hope to get the Made in Germany one.

:o that means I'll have doubles in my collection !!!!!
My opinion use to be, whats the point in having doubles ? That space could be used for another model. That money could go towards another model and I don't want two the same.
They are so different though that I can warrant having two the "same".

I will limit myself. I won't get a model just because it was made in another country, after all it is just a change on one word, but if the painting style is drastically different, colours are different or a totally different pattern, then they will make their way into my collection.

Here are two models to illustrate my point.

Left - Germany, Right - China
 On the left is the made in Germany cat and on the right is the made in china cat.

On this occasion, the made in China cat is more realistic and my favourite of the two.

So, I'll be keeping my eyes open for any variations, there are already quite a few that I have spotted.
Happy collecting everyone !

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