Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Penblwydd hapus i chi

That's right, today is my birthday :)
I was very lucky as I recieved a lot of models ! Two Equorums, some AAA models, a Schleich and some Breyer Stablemates. I also recieved some money and I have bought another Equorum. Can't wait to get her, she is beautiful !

Thank you to all my friends on various forums who wished me a happy birthday. I am celebrating my birthday on my own this year so I felt very loved from all of the messages.

I may just have a little bit of money left over for a couple of Schleich, although that depends on how much I need for one of my rabbits.

I may be 20 but I don't feel any different. Maybe because I am alone today or maybe because 20 is not of the "big" birthdays. I hope that next year I can celebrate my birthday with my family.

I have had fun today :) opening the lovely surprises and also taking photos of my new models. They are already catalogued in my folder so I hope to work on my online catalogue this week. It's a little hard because I have two cages in my room, a rabbit in one and a guinea pig in the other, and I can't actually get to the keyboard, lol !

Once again, thank you for all of the birthday wishes, 50% of the enjoyment that I get from this hobby is because of the wonderful people on forums.

Take care

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