Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Those inbetween days

I can't make up my mind if I like them or not. The day before I go back to work always feels weird because I try to get as much done as possible. I'd usually clean the cages but I cleaned those yesterday so today, I've not got anything that needs to be done.

I have thought of rearranging my models, as my new ones are just put on a shelf together, but it'll probably take me hours and I'm not sure if I want to be stuck doing that.
I started to update my catalogue but about 50 animals in, I felt overwhelmed and like it would never end so I gave up, for now.

I wish the weather was better because I've got quite a few Breyers that need to have their photo show pictures taken but it's quite cloudy. I could take the pictures outside but it is windy and I dare not take my models outside !

Yesterday I had a look on eBay and ended up winning an auction. I wasn't looking to buy anything, as two of my pets are currently a little unwell, but they were really cheap, I'd been looking for them for a few years and I had some Paypal balance that would pay for them. I really can't wait for them to arrive now :) It'll complete my little family that I've dreamt of for a few years.

So what do you do on the in between days ?

Take care

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